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As you may, or may not be aware, we are lucky enough to live in a very historically important area of the UK. There have been historical findings on the Peninsula from as far back as the Paleolithic era, through extensive Saxon and Roman history and up to more recent times spanning both WW1 and WW2, with much more besides.

The group's aim is explore, learn, collate and share information on the numerous archaeological sites found locally with the aim to help raise awareness and help future generations in the study of the historic landscape on the Peninsula and the role it has played in making Great Britain what it is today.

The Cliffe-at-Hoo Historical Society really started several years ago with a small number of local historians and archaeologists, each with their own field of study, meeting and updating one another with their findings and updates on what they had each been working on. It wasn't until early 2011 that they decided to see if anyone else would be interested and, to their surprise, they found that within a few weeks many more people had joined them to form the starting of the society.  

The Cliffe-at-Hoo Historical Society is dedicated to the study and appreciation of all aspects of the history and archaeology of Cliffe and the Hoo Peninsula and is dedicated to a policy of openness, honesty and sharing. The Society belongs to the people, past, present and future of Cliffe and the Hoo Peninsula and openly shares with all who are seriously interested.

Our principal aim is to deliver through educational programs, research, archaeological projects, preservation of our local history by participating in both Society led and joint collaborative assistance in the collection and preservation of Historic sites and buildings, archaeological objects, printed matter, manuscript materials, maps and historic artifacts related to the heritage of the Hoo Peninsular.

The audience served by the Society’s programs includes residents, school and university students, visitors to the community, businesses and governmental agencies in the area, members of the Society, scholars of the history and prehistory of the community, art historians and the general public.

The Society's aim is to co-operate fully and constructively engage at both local and county level with local authority and private led current and future initiatives that help open up the objectives noted below.

The purposes of the Society are:

• to write a history for the community/publish regular newsletters;
• to collect photographs of the area;
• to collect artifacts to display a past life-style; to look after an existing collection of artifacts;
• to interview local people, and preserve the tapes;
• to actively promote and assist in the preservation and restoration a specific buildings;
• to actively promote and maintain gazetteers and photographic record archives;
• to research the history of the historic landscape or older buildings in the area;
• to promote and encourage the commemoration of local events and sites with a view to making the case for erecting plaques as needed;
• to locate and commemorate as yet unmarked historic trails;
• to share the knowledge of the community with a broader number of people in the community;
• to undertake archeological investigations and preserve and record sites and finds;
• to help local school children with projects related to the history of the community;
• to compile a complete and comprehensive archaeological gazetteer of sites:
• to share all findings or research with other members in the interest of the society and local people as a whole;
• to develop the work and structure of the society in a manner appropriate and in keeping with the growth and activities       undertaken whilst safeguarding the knowledge base for future generations e.g. potential development to a private not-for-profit organization;
• to build an archive that includes all documents, maps etc relevant to the society stored in a central archive open to every member of the local community.

Cliffe’s and the Hoo peninsula's historic importance is clearly evident by the large amount of identified sites on the Kent Environmental Record, with Cliffe and Hoo being both in the top 10 for locations in Kent with historical finds and also having even more recorded historic sites than nearby Rochester. 

To date the society has managed to identify more than an extra 100 new sites to be included on the Kent Environmental Record.

The Society works closely together with various bodies including: the Kent Archaeological Society, K.C.C. Archaeological Department, R.S.P.B., English Heritage, West Kent Archaeological Society, Guildhall and Maidstone Museums and various archive depositories and our list of partners is ever expanding. If you are working within an organisation or group that you feel could potentially be of benefit to each other or would just like to speak to us to find a little more on how we work with our partners, please do click here to get in touch.

What we do and where our primary interests lie:

Archaeology | Fieldwork | Research | Recording of finds | Sharing of information | Walks | Talks | Education | Family safe events | Socialising within the community

We also have a lively and active Facebook group that asks questions, shares ideas, communicates information and where possible, provides answers and is also a great forum for those with a local interest in the Peninsula's history can keep in touch.


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