CAHHS - Google Earth Mapping Project

Since 2011 Cliffe At Hoo Historic Society have been building an interactive map of archaeological sites and finds drawn from a number of locations including Kent Historic Environment Record, Portable Antiquities Scheme and the National Monuments Record. Also included are any relevant landscape information gained from historical maps of the area for example manorial land holdings or boundaries .

The Google Earth KML Map took months of painstaking work to build and is updated regularly by individual members. The Google Earth Mapping project now provides the core of our research and we would highly recommend this recording method to any individuals or societies interested in there historic environment. We believe it's the way forward for community groups and landscape recording in the modern digital age.

Google Earth mapping enables us to see separate overviews for different time periods (layers) and each 'pin' opens up to give full details of the individual finds or features. This project helps us to look at and understand land use and ownership over time as well as seeing a broader picture of historical and archaeological developments locally and throughout the whole of Kent. When all the data sources are tied together things like coin spreads or settlements features became clear on the landscape, giving us many new and interesting locations to explore in the years to come.

We are looking in the future to extend the mapping to cover the whole of the Hoo Peninsular and surrounding area as far as Gravesend. 

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